Friday, May 6, 2011

Essie Autumn 2011 Comparisons

Hey everyone! When I posted my Essie Autumn 2011 swatches last week, a few of you asked about whether Merino Cool and In Stitches were similar to some other polishes. So I thought I'd do a quick comparison post for everyone to help you decided which ones to get. I also did comparisons with Little Brown Dress and Sew Psyched.

In Stitches Comparison
Left to Right - China Glaze Fifth Avenue, Eyeko Tea Rose Polish, OPI Kreme de la Kremlin, Essie In Stitches

In Stitches v. China Glaze Fifth Avenue. As you can see, Fifth Avenue has a subtle shimmer and is lighter and more pink than In Stitches.

In Stitches v. Eyeko Tea Rose Polish. I have no idea why I thought these two would be similar!!  Tea Rose is so much lighter and almost looks like a candy pink next to In Stitches! But I swear, Tea Rose is a dusty rose coloured polish! 

In Stitches v. Kreme de la Kremlin. These two are nothing alike either! Kreme de la Kremlin is a gorgeous nude pink cream that is significantly lighter than In Stitches.

Merino Cool Comparison
Left to Right - China Glaze Below Deck, Sally Hansen Commander in Chic, Sephora by OPI Metro Chic, Essie Merino Cool

Merino Cool v. China Glaze Below Deck. To my eyes, Below Deck is a tad lighter than Merino Cool and leans more purple, where as Merino Cool leans more grey.

Merino Cool v. Sally Hansen Commander in Chic.These two are pretty close, but I would say that Commander in Chic is a little darker and browner than Merino Cool.

 Merino Cool v. Sephora by OPI Metro Chic. These two were also quite close. Metro Chic is a touch lighter, but if you already have it, you probably don't need Merino Cool.

Sew Psyched Comparison
Left to Right - Rescue Beauty Lounge, Essie Sew Psyched

Sew Psyched v. RBL Diddy Mow. If you can tell the difference between these two, you have better eyes than me! I feel like Sew Psyched is a touch dustier than Diddy Mow, but I could be wrong.

 Little Brown Dress Comparison
Left to Right - OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, Essie Little Brown Dress

Little Brown Dress v. OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys. As I'm not generally a fan of brown polish, I only had Suzi Loves Cowboys to compare it to, and you can see that Little Brown Dress is darker and deeper than Suzi Loves Cowboys.

I didn't end up doing comparisons of Velvet Voyeur and Limited Addiction because, in all honesty, you can all probably think of a few dupes right off the top of your head for those colours!

I hope this post has been helpful! 


  1. Thanks for posting these comparisons, it's always nice to know which colors are similar!

  2. So, has anyone told you that you ROCK?!!! Because you do. This is sooo helpful! I'm in love with the Marino Cool set (and own all of the listed polishes... as close as they are, this is my palate cleanser and I must have all ;)
    The "In Stitches" looks different enough from "Fifth Avenue" for me to want both. AAAND, now I want/need Sew Psyched... Very very very much appreciated!!! xxx

  3. I agree with B C!

  4. Thanks! I love comparisons, they are so helpful!

  5. Thank you for posting these comparisons! I've never seen ChG Fifth Avenue before! So pretty :) Nice blog! *following*

  6. Great comparison here! I loved it!

  7. love comparisons!

  8. Great comparisons, especially with Merino Cool!!!

  9. (Hi
    Carolina: It seems something is wrong with the font setting for
    comments, I had to go to off the web site to enlarge my font size) I
    love your comparisons done here, the red and pinks defiantly you can see
    the differences in shade and color; Merino Cool vs. CG Below deck,
    slightly shade difference but really close to one another, Merino cool
    vs. Sally Hansen commander in chic, very close, almost a dupe; Sew
    Psyched vs RBL Diddly Mow, (I love RBI polishes) almost all all dupes,
    very close comparison, I can't tell just be looking at them, LOL; Love
    the Little Brown Dress vs. OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys, again almost a dupe
    because of the gorgoeus dark and deep browns, which I love...this was
    very, very helpful. Thank you for doing this, <3
    Mc Huggs :)

  10. Hey! Yeh I also just noticed that the font size is really small :S I'll try and fix it now but I have no idea how to! I'll do my best :) Glad you liked the comparisons!

  11. I'm loving all the colors by themselves. I especially like those chocolate browns.

  12. Thank you soooooo much!  I have been in despair since Kreme De La Kremlin 
    was discontinued.....I'm going for In Stitches!   :)


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