Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Essie Fall 2010

 Today I have swatches of three of the colours from Essie's Fall 2010 collection, which is officially being released tomorrow.

I have to say from the outset, all three colours applied so well! The formula is fantastic! I love all of them, but I especially adore Velvet Voyeur and Sew Psyched!

Monday, August 30, 2010

OPI - Flit A Bit

I am frantically trying to get good swatches of the three Essie Fall 2010 colours I received today so in the mean time, I give to you OPI Flit a Bit from the recent Summer Flutter collection.

I find cremes a little boring sometimes so I added a layer of CND Amethyst Sparkle. The CND made the colour a bit darker, but I personally love purple and orange together so I really enjoyed this mani!

I will hopefully have swatches of Essie Fall 2010 tomorrow and then Cosmic FX on Wednesday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tips & Tales - Blog Wrap #1

MAC's Nail Trend F/W '10 launches in Australia next week. To buy or not to buy! ALU looks at some possible dupes to help us decide!
Michèle previews Les Kkakis de Chanel and I take back all those nonsense ramblings in my other post saying I wasn't feeling these colours! I was clearly in denial!

Why don't I own more Color Club colours? The Untamed  Luxury collection might change that!

This post makes me a sad duck..... Surely Man Bug has greater potential than this! *cries*

Will I ever own Across the Universe!?!?!

I am generally not a patient person, and this makes me even more impatient for my Models Own order!

And don't forget about my 50 Follower Giveaway!

Hope you all had a fab weekend! xo

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ulta3 - Lollypop Lilac

Quick post today. Have to go to my cousin's birthday lunch and then meet up with some friends tonight so I'm running around like a mad woman trying to get ready!

Ulta3 is an Aussie brand as far as I know and they are a cheap drugstore line. I bought a whole stack of their colours for about $20 a couple of weeks back. Lollypop Lilac is one I wore earlier this week.

I used Essie Matte About You over it. This is a bit of craptastic swatch and it doesn't look very flattering in the photo, but I didn't mind it to be honest. The formula was fantastic. Two coats for opacity and dried super fast. Not bad for $2!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Le Beauty Colour Chart

Today Konad-licious asked me how I knew which colours to order from Le Beauty because they don't have them on their website, and here is how I did it! When I emailed them a couple of weeks back, they sent me a colour chart of their nail polish range. The colour chart is clickable :D

For all the Aussie girls, simply chose your colours and send them an email and they will send out your order straight away! Enjoy! :D I'm not sure they ship internationally though :(

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Le Beauty - #70

Today I received an order from Le Beauty Nails... Sadly, a number of the bottles broke in transit so my order looked like this when it arrived...... :(

Thankfully, the Managing Director of Le Beauty is absolutely fantastic and extremely professional and offered to send me the order again. So hopefully I get that in the next few days. They have really and truly been a pleasure to deal with and I applaud their fantastic customer service!

Sadly most of the bottles were not salvageable, but I was able to at least rescue the one colour I have been lemming for a while thanks to a post by Jacie from You've Got Nail. These polishes only have numbers, and this is #70. 

For some reason it bubbled on me, but its such a pretty colour, I can live with this! There was probably nail polish remover left on my hands after the very messy clean up of the bottle! It applied very easily and was opaque in two coats.

OPI - Diva of Geneva

Quick post. Had to take my dog Zeus to the emergency vet tonight because he wasn't very well :( He had some blood tests but we don't find out the results until tomorrow. He is 11 years old now, so he is no spring chicken, but he is still beautiful.... Well I think so anyway! :)


Today I'm wearing another colour from the recent OPI Swiss collection, Diva of Geneva. This one is a red based purple frost/shimmer that almost seems pink in certain light, as you can see from the photo below. It's a stunning colour!

That's all for today! Hope you are all having a great day xo

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transdesign Update

I didn't post this earlier because I was worried that it was just a fluke, but it seems Transdesign are shipping internationally again... Well at least to Australia anyway!

I placed two orders with them last week for 9 bottles each order and was only charged 18USD shipping for the flat box, which is the same as what it used to be. The orders haven't arrived as yet, but it is saying that they have shipped and I was provided a tracking number, so that's a positive sign!

I also noticed that the "OPI Liquidation" banner has been taken down and there is no indication that they will not be stocking OPI in the future. This is GREAT NEWS!

Admittedly, their prices have gone up quite a bit in the past couple of months - OPI is now $5.24USD per bottle and Essie are now $8USD per bottle, but the prices of the other brands seems to be the same, so I'm still happy! :D

I hope that things have returned to normal for good! :D

Giveaway Reminder!!

Don't forget to become a follower when you visit my blog! I'll be holding a big giveaway when I hit 50 followers!

It will be open to everyone! Even international readers :D

Check out the link on the right for more details!

Les Khakis de Chanel Preview

In celebration of Fashion's Night Out, Chanel will be releasing Les Khakis de Chanel collection which features three shades of "khaki" - Khaki Vert, Khaki Brun and Khaki Rose.

I'm going to go completely against the grain here and say that I'm not sure about these colours. I feel like Khaki Brun is just Particuliere repackaged and Khaki Rose is just bleh! Other nail bloggers seem to be dropping their bundles over Khaki Vert which is a slimey green looking colour - one of those "ugly/pretty" shades...

I'm going to have to see swatches of all these colours before I shell out $39AUD each for them!

I don't see these shades being as big a hit as Jade from last year's show, but knowing my luck I'll be completely wrong about that and regret not buying them! 

If you do see a colour you like I suggest you go out and buy it straight away! I searched for Chanel Jade on eBay last night and found a listing for over $800AUD! The cheapest I could find was $250AUD! So, as I said, if you like one of the colours snap it up because if it sells out, you could find yourself forking out a crapload of money for the polish on evilbay!

Monday, August 23, 2010

OPI - Ski Teal We Drop

Today I'm rockin OPI's Ski Teal We Drop from the recent Swiss collection.

It is a gorgeous dark teal creme that applied flawlessly.  It is definitely one of my favourites from this collection!

And here is my ultra pathetic attempt at a konadicure! I'm still trying to master the art of stamping and more importantly, choosing the right colour and pattern to stamp with :P 

As you can see here, the little clouds might have looked cute on the plate, but the didn't exactly translate to the nail :S It looks like my finger nails are suffering from chicken pox!  :(

Don't forget to comment and follow my blog! I bought some more Aussie brands of nail polish to add to the giveaway prize today! I'll add more photos of the prize tomorrow night!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Models Own 50% Off Sale - NOW LIVE!

Head over to Models Own asap! Their 50% off sale is now live! 

Just use the code "FACEBOOK50" at the checkout to get the discount! 

I just placed my order! I'm so excited..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bottle Spam - Illamasqua, OPI, Essies, Rokk96

Today I have some bottle spam. I received an order from my favourite eBay seller today and I also bought my first Illamasqua nail polishes this week. Oh and today I bought three colours from a brand I have never heard of before, Rokk96. For a cheapish brand, they had some fantastic colours! There was a deal where you could buy 3 for $20 so I got the three colours that jumped out at me straight away.... I'm pretty impressed with them!

I didn't have time for any swatches tonight but I will definitely do swatches on the weekend.


More bottle spam after the jump!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Essie Fall 2010 Preview

I received an email yesterday with information on Essie's new fall collection.

I am only really excited about one of the colours, Velvet Voyeur, as I have read on a number of other blogs that Merino Cool is a dupe for Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic or Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic, and Sew Psyched is a dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge's Diddy Mow.

I have all three of those colours already so I will have to see more swatches before I decide whether or not to buy those two.

This collection will be available in early September.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Starfish Patrick

Starfish Patrick! There are no words to describe how much I love you!

If I didn't have what seems like a bajillion other colours to try I would wear this baby every day!

SP is a lovely coral peach which makes my skin seem really tanned even though I'm white as a ghost at the moment.

I'll be honest, application wasn't fantastic. There is still some VNL with three coats (more noticeable in the second pic) and streakiness was a bit of an issue - but - I'll learn to live with it because the colour is divine!!!

With Flash

Artificial Light

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Models Own 50% Off Sale!

Models Own have decided they will have a 50% off sale when they reach 10,000 fans on their Facebook page. To be in on the 50% off sale, all you have to do is go to their Facebook page and click "Like". If they reach 10,000 fans before 31 August 2010, anyone who is a fan will be sent a voucher entitling them to 50% off thier order of over £20 or more.

Models Own have some of the most gorgeous nail polish shades out there! I have been lemming thier range for AGESSSSSSS! Check out some of the beauties they have on offer!

They also have a nail polish shade called Purple Grey which is a crazy dupe for Chanel's Paradoxal! Check out Jeanette's comparisons at The Swatchaholic!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Essie - Angora Cardi

Since the nails on my poor left hand are still recovering I thought I'd introduce my right hand, which hopefully will rarely been seen in the future :P 

Today I wore Essie Angora Cardi, and it is love! This colour is a mixture of red, brown and purple - a kind of mauve I guess. We are at the end of winter here in Australia and this nail polish is such an appropriate colour for the season! I found it to be really flattering on me as well.

Application was a little iffy. First coat was streaky but it evened out pretty well on the second coat. I found it to be a bit thick and as such I was worried about dry time, but with a good coat of Seche Vite, dry time was quite good :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maybelline - Sunset Prisms #330

Today I am wearing Maybelline Sunset Prisms. It's is a gorgeous coral with a gold/green micro-shimmer...

Monday, August 9, 2010

China Glaze - Anchors Away (2011) - Preview

I was browsing the net today and found these swatches for China Glazes Spring 2011 Collection "Anchors Away"......

All the colours look UH-MAZING!!!!!

I cant wait to get my hands on these! I'm going to buy the whole collection I think :P I am especially excited about Sea Spray, Below Deck and Life Saver!

Which ones are you liking?

**Swatches belong to Victoria Nail Supply

**Image from Lacquerized

Saturday, August 7, 2010

50 Follower Giveaway..... ????

To encourage people reading and following my blog, I'm going to hold a giveaway when I reach 50 followers :D

I already know some of the nail polishes I am going to include in the giveaway... They are all brand new bottles....

I'm always getting in orders of nail polish so there are sure to be more added as the days/weeks pass until I reach the 50 followers mark... I'll add some Aussie brands in as well like Le Beauty, Ulta3 and Rokk96...

Once I hit the 50 mark, I'll post the details of the giveaway and what products are up for grabs! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

China Glaze - Ingrid (with Chanel Illusion D'or)

Today I am wearing China Glaze Ingrid from the new Vintage Vixen collection for fall. I then layered Chanel's Illusion D'or over the top.

Ingrid is a new variation on the taupe/mushroom trends we have seen this year. However to me, Ingrid is far more of a chocolate brown than a taupe. It also has a very fine gold shimmer in it which you can see in the bottle pic above.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OPI DS - Extravagance

This is a NOTD from a couple of weeks ago... OPI DS Extravagance....

Its a berry/purple colour with a subtle holo effect. It applied really really well and was opaque in two coats.

Lamp Light

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Misa - Dirty Sexy Money

Today I'm wearing Misa Dirty Sexy Money. I wasn't convinced that I would like this shade when I got it, but once I put it on, it was love! It's a dusty green creme colour. More turquoise than true green... Absolutely gorgeous!

Excuse the cuticles. This cold weather is really not being kind to them, even with nightly Lemony Flutter treatments. I have some Nfu Oh cuticle remover on the way so hopefully that helps!