Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Giveaway - NARS Zulu


To celebrate the coming New Year, I have decided to hold another giveaway!

This time I am giving away one brand new bottle of the highly coveted NARS Zulu. 

This is a bottle of the new release Zulu that came out earlier in 2010.

I haven't had the chance to do swatches of this polish yet, but you can check out some awesome pics of this hot lacquer here and here.

The Rules are simple:

1. Be a follower.

2. Leave a comment with your follower name and email.

3. Following me on Twitter gives you one extra entry (you gotta tell me your twitter name!)

4. Blogging about the giveaway gives you one extra entry (please leave a link!)

5. Giveaway closes on 20th January 2011. 

6. The giveaway is open internationally.

Please include all info in one comment only.

2011 is set to be a massive year for me so I'm super excited for it to arrive! I hope the New Year brings you happiness, success and love! 

Carina x

Monday, December 27, 2010

RBL Catherine H Giveaway Winner!

I'm such a scatterbrain! I completely forgot to draw the winner for my RBL Catherine H Giveaway before Christmas!

Cutting straight to the chase, the winner of the giveaway is.......

Congratulations Zara (bookworm396 at gmail dot com)!!!!

I will send you an email now!

Essie Winter 2010 Part 1

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! Mine was a little hectic as we had to visit three lots of family, but all in all I had a lovely Christmas. I was also a very lucky girl and was given a new camera! Say hello to my new Canon DSLR! 

This means no more crappy swatch photos! However, it also means I am going to have to look after my cuticles better (as you will see from the photos below!). Apologies in advance for the horrible cuticles! :s Please also excuse the nubbins. I had a killer break on my middle finger a couple of days ago so I had to file them all down *cries*.

Today I have swatches of three of the new colours from Essie's Winter 2010 collection. The collection consists of 6 chic and elegant wintery colours. Even though it is summer here in Oz, the colours are so gorgeous, I will definitely be wearing them!

Check out the pics after the jump!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


And the naughty blogger award goes to......... ME!

This time thankfully I haven't been away from my blogging duties due to bad stuff! I was actually devoting all my time to wedding dress shopping! And I found one! Yay! I purchased my dress on Sunday and I am over the moon. I wish I could put a photo up to show you all but my fiancee checks out my blog sometimes (not that he would admit it!) so I don't want to risk him seeing it!

Since Christmas is almost upon us, I decided to rock a green nail polish the other day to get into the spirit of the season. For this I went with NARS Mash.

Mash is a mossy green with a gold shimmer. This polish is a gorgeous colour but it is also a total PITA to apply. Despite my best efforts I got nasty brush strokes! With that said it wore really well and after about 4 days I only had minimal tip wear. 

As you can see, I only have one photo. My camera is on its last legs! But hopefully Santa is of the opinion that I have been a good girl this year and a pretty Canon DSLR will be waiting under the tree for me on Christmas morning (hint hint Micheal or Mum and Dad! :P). Fingers crossed! x

Saturday, December 11, 2010

China Glaze Moody Blue

Two posts in two days! I'm on fire!

Today I am wearing Moody Blue, which is another HTF colour from China Glaze.

Moody Blue is a big hot streaky mess! But it looks worse in the photos than it does on my nails. 

It took three coats to get it to a stage where I was willing to wear it out in public :P However, I did get some compliments on the colour from people when I was out (and even one from my sister, who thinks every nail polish I wear is disgusting!) so it mustn't be that bad!

I have read that the the new Chanel colour, Riva, is basically the same colour but with a very subtle micro shimmer. I wonder whether it applies better than MB? If it does, I may be tempted to buy it :P

Friday, December 10, 2010

China Glaze Channelesque

Due to my absence from the blogging community the past month, I'm really out of the loop when it comes to new nail polish collections. So I thought until I get my groove back (which will hopefully be this week!) I'd show you some of my fave colours from my collection over the next few posts.

And to kick it off, I have China Glaze's Channelesque for you.

Channelesque is a stunning dusty grayish purple creme. Sadly, it is a long discontinued colour but it is hands down one of my favourite nail polishes. 

I honestly have no complaints about this polish! It applied smoothly in two coats, didn't bubble or streak and lasted for days without a chipping!

The obvious downside is that it isn't 3free. But I have to be honest, I'm not too worried about wearing this colour every now and then, even though it has some not so great chemicals in it, because it is such a stunning colour!

The fantastic news is that supposedly Below Deck from the upcoming China Glaze Anchors Away collection is a dead on dupe for Channelesque! Mary from Body & Soul did a pretty convincing comparison between the two!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lippmann Giveaway Winner ....... (Finally!!! :P)

Life has a funny way of doing whatever it wants, regardless of your plans!

I had the best intentions to blog every day after my sister's wedding, and then my own wedding planning went into overdrive unexpectedly, and then my mum had to go to hospital to have an operation last week and I have been looking after her ever since! I'm so tired!

I want to say that I will be blogging every day again but I said that last time and it didn't work out, so I'll just say that I'll do my best to blog as frequently as possible! :)

Anyway, enough sad stories from me :P


Yes I know what you are all thinking - about freakin time Carina!!!

The winner is........

Congratualtions maRyya from Konad Addict!

I will send you an email shortly! Please get back to me as soon as possible so I can post out your polishes straight away! Hopefully it will get to you before Christmas!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! Without sounding like a broken record, I really appreciate all your help with the honeymoon competition! It meant so much to me! 

I promise I'll try and be back with more posts asap. Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming Christmas giveaway! x