Friday, March 4, 2011

Zoya Marley & Gemma - Intimate Collection

Hey everyone! Today I have swatches of two of the colours from the recent Zoya Intimate collection, Marley & Gemma.

After swatching both of them, I can safely say, I purchased the wrong colours! Haha! I should have bought the other four instead, which look amazing!!!!! Well the other four and Gemma.... Marley is just ughhhhhhh on me, but I really loved Gemma... 

Marley - Very pale lavender with silvery micro shimmer. This polish looks so pretty and dainty in the bottle but on my nails and with my skin tone it wasn't great! I also had problems with application. It's like my bottle dried out or something? It was really thick and a little difficult to apply (look how uneven it is along my cuticles!). I have never had a problem with applying Zoya polishes, EVER, so I think this must have been a dud bottle! This was three coats.

Gemma - Murky green with blue and purple micro shimmer. I really liked this colour even though like all greens, it gave me lobster hands. I got plenty of positive comments on it as well! It's really unusual with the blue/purple shimmer and I can't think of a single dupe! This took three coats to be opaque but it applied like a dream! 

What are your thoughts on these two? Has anyone else had problems with Marley? Should I buy the other four colours?


  1. I absolutely love the shades

  2. Loving Marley! Light purple has been a very popular choice lately!

  3. @rock-or-not @Beauty Addict @Go!SpaGirl - I'm glad you all like them! :) Sadly, I'm still not loving Marley though :(

  4. Marley and Gemma were my top two from this collection.. Oh who am i kidding as if I could choose a favorite color from thic collex.. Soo pretty!

  5. I'm really regretting not getting the other 4! I think I'm going to have to order them!

  6. I don't own them but Marley looks amazing 


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