Monday, March 14, 2011

Tips & Tales - Blog Wrap #4

Hey everyone! I haven't done one of these blog wraps in forever, but there were a few posts I have seen this week that really caught my eye, so I thought I'd share them with you!

Check out China Glaze OMG! Holo Skittle madness here!

I NEEEEEED these two polishes! Are any of these colours possible dupes?

Holy moly! This mani is freakin awesome! I really need to use my Nfu Oh's more!

I have a serious lemming for this polish! Should I splash out on the whole range?

I have a draw full of Essies that I still need to swatch, but that doesn't stop me front wanting these babies!

And finally, pics of the new BB Couture collection which I can only dream of owning *cries*

On a side note, I am going to Hong Kong next week to visit my parents (yay!!)... Do you guys have any recommendations for different brands of polishes I can get over there???? I have been there a few times before but I wasn't in my nail phase during those trips, so I never picked anything up! I'd love to find some Asian exclusive brands or polishes, so any tips would be great! 


  1. Hi Carina,

    Any luck?
    Those Essies look gorgeous!


  2. thanks for the link love mama!

  3. Have fun in HK!! Make sure you take lots of pictures. :]

  4. :) would love to have a blogger meetup with you in HK! of course if you feel like having one.

    You can check out Skinfood <3

  5. Hey Jennifer! I'm so sorry I didn't get back to you before I went to Hong Kong! I'm up there at least twice a year, so I will hit you up the next time I'm there! x


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