Monday, March 7, 2011

CND The Look Flesh Forward - Spring/Summer 2011

Hey everyone! I didn't have time to do the other three crackles tonight, so I thought I'd show you the new CND duo for Spring/Summer 2011 - 
The Look Flesh Forward.

This duo consists of one Colour, Perfectly Bare and one Effect, Perfectly Bare Shimmer. 

Perfectly Bare is a peachy nude cream. The formula was fantastic and it only required two coats. I'm a massive fan of nude nails and this colour is a winner in my books!

Perfectly Bare Shimmer is a pinky/peach sheer polish with irregular silver flecks and silver shimmer. LOVE! It adds such dimension to the base colour! It is simply stunning! So gorgeous in fact, that after I applied it, I marched straight into the room where my fiancee was and told him I'm wearing this combo for the wedding! Naturally, he looked at me like I was crazy and then nodded and smiled, so as not to hurt my feelings. Haha!

You should definitely click on the photos below to get a closer look!

What do you guys think of this duo? Does it compare to CND's last duo, Night Factory, with the Teal Sparkle Effect?? 


  1. These looks so wonderful on your skintone!

    I'm not usually one to gravitate towards nudes, but I really like this on you! Definitely more than the Night Factory Duo.

    Certainly keep this in your list of possible wedding colours, it's stunning. :) Elegant and simple with a bit of OOMPH in that shimmer.

    I dig it.

  2. It is worth the money! So pretty and girly! And I'm not normally a fan of girly polishes, but this is stunning!

  3. Thanks hun! I'm hoping they bring it out in the Shellac formula.. I will definitely do it for the wedding then!


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