Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bottle Spam - Illamasqua, OPI, Essies, Rokk96

Today I have some bottle spam. I received an order from my favourite eBay seller today and I also bought my first Illamasqua nail polishes this week. Oh and today I bought three colours from a brand I have never heard of before, Rokk96. For a cheapish brand, they had some fantastic colours! There was a deal where you could buy 3 for $20 so I got the three colours that jumped out at me straight away.... I'm pretty impressed with them!

I didn't have time for any swatches tonight but I will definitely do swatches on the weekend.


More bottle spam after the jump!!

Illamasqua Baptiste and Lament

OPI Cuckoo For This Colour,  Ski Teal We Drop, From A to Z-urich, Diva of Geneva, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Essie Pretty Edgy, CND Amethyst Sparkle, CND Crimson Sparkle

Rokk96 Bejeweled, I'll Be Frank, Hypnotic

Isn't this just gorgeous!

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  1. Rokk 96 is terrific!! You can only get it from Price Attack... and the display of nail colour is just awesome! 96 shades to choose from and so cheap ONLY $7.95ea. Matching any outfit to a nail polish is a breeze... yew! thanks Price Attack for these wicked nail polishes.


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