Thursday, August 26, 2010

Le Beauty Colour Chart

Today Konad-licious asked me how I knew which colours to order from Le Beauty because they don't have them on their website, and here is how I did it! When I emailed them a couple of weeks back, they sent me a colour chart of their nail polish range. The colour chart is clickable :D

For all the Aussie girls, simply chose your colours and send them an email and they will send out your order straight away! Enjoy! :D I'm not sure they ship internationally though :(


  1. Thanks heaps for that! Last q, how much were they?!
    Ive ordered Ozotics from them before and they weren't too bad on that pricing.

  2. @Konad-licious - They are $2.15ea + GST and they don't impose a minimum. Freight was dependent on the weight. I paid $10 freight for 12 bottles. :)


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