Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transdesign Update

I didn't post this earlier because I was worried that it was just a fluke, but it seems Transdesign are shipping internationally again... Well at least to Australia anyway!

I placed two orders with them last week for 9 bottles each order and was only charged 18USD shipping for the flat box, which is the same as what it used to be. The orders haven't arrived as yet, but it is saying that they have shipped and I was provided a tracking number, so that's a positive sign!

I also noticed that the "OPI Liquidation" banner has been taken down and there is no indication that they will not be stocking OPI in the future. This is GREAT NEWS!

Admittedly, their prices have gone up quite a bit in the past couple of months - OPI is now $5.24USD per bottle and Essie are now $8USD per bottle, but the prices of the other brands seems to be the same, so I'm still happy! :D

I hope that things have returned to normal for good! :D


  1. I tried to do an order there last week for 24 bottles and they wanted $136 shipping! Needless to say I didnt go ahead with the order. They used to be awesome with their shipping charges, only charging $50 for up to 25 polishes but they have just gone overboard now....so I dont purchase thru them anymore.

  2. @ Konad-licious - Yeh I think there are still residual issues related to the OPI saga from a couple of months ago. I noticed this morning that they now have a message up on the ORLY page saying they cant ship ORLY overseas. That definitely wasnt there a few days ago because I ordered about half a dozen ORLYs.

    I think as the whole OPI issue settles down they will probably revert to their old shipping policies :D And hopefully ORLY will be available for international shipping again..


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