Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Le Beauty - #70

Today I received an order from Le Beauty Nails... Sadly, a number of the bottles broke in transit so my order looked like this when it arrived...... :(

Thankfully, the Managing Director of Le Beauty is absolutely fantastic and extremely professional and offered to send me the order again. So hopefully I get that in the next few days. They have really and truly been a pleasure to deal with and I applaud their fantastic customer service!

Sadly most of the bottles were not salvageable, but I was able to at least rescue the one colour I have been lemming for a while thanks to a post by Jacie from You've Got Nail. These polishes only have numbers, and this is #70. 

For some reason it bubbled on me, but its such a pretty colour, I can live with this! There was probably nail polish remover left on my hands after the very messy clean up of the bottle! It applied very easily and was opaque in two coats.


  1. They dont have a color gallery, how did you know which colors to order?

  2. @ Konad-licious - they sent me a colour chart which i completely forgot about! I'll post it up now :D

  3. @ Konad-licious - seems I dont have it with me here at work but I'll add it to the post tonight :D


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