Friday, October 15, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Housewives of Tudor England

Hey everyone! Yesterday I finished my exams! After we were done, my friends and I went to a local bar and ended up staying there a little too long.... :( So I was like a bear with a sore head today! Even though I wasn't feeling 100%, it was sooooo good to be able to spend the day resting and watching TV instead of studying!

Today I have the most recent collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge, Housewives of Tudor England. The collection consists of four colours named after some of the wives of King Henry VIII. 

Check out swatches after the jump! 

Since I am feeling ridiculously lazy and tired, I have copied the descriptions for each of the colours directly from the RBL website :P 

Catherine - "Henry the VIII’s first wife and Europes’s first female ambassador inspired this royal purple with a fine pewter sheen and hints of blue and fuschia shimmer" 

Anne - "Rumored to be a sorceress, Henry's second wife lends her short-lived name to this bewitching olive green with a pink-gold metallic iridescence" 

Jane - "Ji’s latest favorite polish is named for Henry's favorite wife, a pale gray pearl with sheer washes of pink and gold"

Catherine H - "Like Henry's trophy wife, you'll lose your head for this shimmering Wedgewood blue hue with a hint of a gold- and pink-flecked darkening sky" 

All were two coaters and applied like a dream! If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be Catherine H closely followed by Anne with that gorgeous pink shimmer.

This collection is limited so grab them while you can! x 


  1. wow! those a sooo pretty! i especially love Catherine H & Catherine!

  2. These are all gorgeous! My favorite is Catherine H.

  3. I would have to go with Catherine H!! I seriously have a problem with blue! Beautiful!

  4. I love Jane! I have been dying to find a color like that.

  5. @ Katrine, Zara, Fey - I agree, Catherine H is fantastic! It just seems so unique! I don't have anything else like it...

  6. @ Cosmetics Aficionado - Jane is a fantastic neutral. It looks a little more gray on me than it does in the pictures, but it is sill simply gorgeous.

  7. LOVE these colors! Anne and Jane are to-die-for! Great post!

  8. these are so gorgeous! it makes me so sad that these aren't included in the 50% off sale :( might have to buy one and justify it buy saying it's in place of two i would've bought during the sale...right? haha :)

  9. ^^ I was just about to tell you to check out my RBL Giveaway and then I saw you had commented on it! hahaha!! Yeh I totally agree that it sucks those polishes arent included in the sale! Maybe you will win my giveaway? :P

  10. OMG each and every one of those polishes are to die for !!!


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