Tuesday, October 12, 2010

China Glaze - Fortune Teller

Ok........ This is a big deal... A big, big, big, big, deal! 

I have been lemming China Glaze Fortune Teller for agessssss! It was numero uno on my lemming list, but I could not find it anywhere.. Not even evilbay had it.... And then the other day, I decided to search for it again, and BANG! THERE IT WAS! So I shelled out the dosh and then started counting the days until my little baby arrived... 

Here is a picture of what it was like when I got Fortune Teller....

So of course I had to put it on straight away.... 

Behold, MY PRECIOUS..... ! Haha!

Check out the pic spam after the jump!

I should probably mention that it was HORRIBLE to apply - super gluggy! But it evened out mostly with the second coat and dried quickly. A coat of Poshe helped even out the gritty surface a bit.... But whatever! This polish can do no wrong by me! My life is complete now! :P


  1. this is on my lemming list too!!! it's hard to find indeed so congrats!! looks damn awesome on ya!

  2. ^^ Thanks :D I wasn't sure about it at first, but its grown on me :D Keep looking on ebay.. i saw one go for only 16USD the other day! That's not too bad considering how HTF it is...

  3. this looks so good on you!! great pics :)

  4. ^^ Thanks ladies! Got any tips on how to stop it from chipping with this polish??? :( I've only been wearing it for one day and it chipped like crazy!

  5. Amazing! I've seen this look really awesome with a matte topcoat as well.

  6. Ahhhh I'm gonna have to buy this one! I keep picking it up when I go nail polish shopping but I somehow always convince myself to put it back. Loveee it on you!

  7. ^^ Oh my god! They still have it in stores?!?!? If I were you I'd buy every last one and sell them on eBay! :P


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