Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tips and Tales - Blog Wrap #4

Hey everyone! I don't think I will have time for swatching today so I thought I'd throw some link lovin' your way instead :D

Reading this made me feel a little sick because I just received a rather substantial order I placed with Rescue Beauty Lounge last week. Totally killed my joy. 

I promised myself I wouldn't buy any of Holiday collections (except for Burlesque) but these swatches are tempting me big time!

Hmmmmmmm taupe heaven!

Living in Australia and not having easy access to Deborah Lippmann really sucks sometimes!

I have resisted placing an order for OPI Holos for weeks now... Until I saw this!

Sadly, this is not a joke...

I think that's all for today... I have two verbal assessments this afternoon and then a final exam tomorrow, and I am done! x


  1. great round up :) thanks for the link love!!

  2. ^^ No problem :D Those Nubar swatches are really tempting me!

  3. Argh, hate paying full price for stuff when you dont have to! Hope it wasn't too big of a haul...

    Thanks for the link...I linked you back on todays post!

  4. ^^ Sadly it was a mega haul! 12 bottles :S I'm still crying about it! haha! Thanks again for plugging me in your blog post the other day! x


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