Sunday, October 3, 2010

Color Club - Pucci-licious

Craptastic swatch of the week! I was painting my nails while watching the Australian Rugby League grand final and my team, St George Dragons, were winning after being down at half time,  so I was a little excited..... and my nails reflect my level of excitement! :P 

Purely for my own pleasure, I have included a photo of the boys with their trophy! 

So anyway, Pucci-licious is an amazing colour, but it probably could have done with a third coat, which I didn't realise until I had taken the photos. It doesn't seem patchy when I look at my nails, but the camera tells a different story. 

Also, my camera just couldn't capture this purple creme accurately. My photos all came out too blue. It is definitely more purple... And being a neon, it dried to a matte/satin finish, but I added a coat of Seche Quick Dry because I'm not a fan of that satiny look... 

I should have done a red and white look to celebrate the mighty Dragons win! :P

Oh and I was being so demented after the win, I broke my thumb nail. Snapped it right off.. Check out the carnage! 

Thankfully Mr Thumb never makes it into my swatch photos... :P Hope you are all having a great weekend! x


  1. The purple is very pretty on you, and I love watching rugby too! I prefer watching rugby union though.

  2. ^^ Thanks Cheryl :D I enjoy a bit of rugby union as well, but for some reason I find the rugby league boys to be better eye candy! haha

  3. Those nail are a lovely colour (although being male and somewhat colour-blind I would have called it blue rather than purple).


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