Monday, February 14, 2011

OPI Not Like The Movies & Black Shatter

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I spent my weekend doing wedding stuff. I think I have finally found my bridesmaid dresses and shoes, and the gifts for my guests, so I'm really excited!

Today, a package finally arrived with some of the OPI Texas and Katy Perry collection colours I ordered, but much to my dismay, half the order was missing!!! I'm just hoping that the other polishes are just on back order.

The only Katy Perry colour that arrived was Not Like the Movies, so that's what I have on tonight.

Not Like the Movies is a silvery lavender duochrome that flashes green and pink. It also has some sparkle thanks to the silver microglitter. 

This blurry pic really shows the sparkle of this polish! 

Check out Black Shatter after the jump! 

One of the other polishes that arrived was Black Shatter. I added a coat of this over Not Like the Movies, but unfortunately it just didn't crackle properly as you can see. I was really disappointed with it, but then I tried it over Houston We Have a Purple and it crackled perfectly! I'm guessing I didn't let Not Like the Movies dry properly before adding Black Shatter. I absolutely love the look of Black Shatter when it crackles properly! 

I'm definitely going to give Black Shatter another go over some of the Texas colours in the next few days! Hopefully the rest of my order shows up soon as well! 

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