Thursday, February 10, 2011

Models Own Jade Stone

Sadly, my Texas and Anchor's Away orders still haven't arrived! I hope they haven't got lost somewhere along the way because I'm going out of my mind waiting for these collections! In the mean time, today I'm wearing Models Own Jade Stone.

Jade Stone is as the name suggests, a jade green creme. This one is really opaque and I got great coverage with just one coat but I went with two in the end. I've only had it on for a day, but it hasn't chipped yet, so that is a good sign!

Oh and I'm only 41 followers away from my massive 500 follower giveaway! I received some more products this week from China Glaze and Le Beauty to add to the prizes. This giveaway is honestly going to be massive, so get following people so I can put it up! I can barely contain my excitement about all the products... I'll have to give you all an updated sneek peak on the weekend I think! 


  1. I'v never seen this color before...and it is goregeous!! SO pretty! :)

  2. its so pretty! if you have nicole by Opi My lifesaver how would these two compare
    and I cant wait for this giveaway

    Checkout my blog plz

  3. @ Natalie - ModelsOwn have some gorgeous and unique colours! You should definitely check them out!

    @Skyla91 - I'm sorry hun but I don't have that Nicole by OPI shade! so I cant do a comparison :(

  4. hello! i live in australia too. may i know where you get model's own nail polishes? how are their brushes like?


  5. ^^ Hey Victoria. I ordered them from the ModelsOwn website when they had their 50% off sale... They ship to Australia :) Their brushes are great! I haven't had a problem with application with any of the colours! :)

  6. I really like this color, I've been wanting something like this!

  7. Wow that is a beautiful colour. =)


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