Monday, February 7, 2011

Color Club - Wham! Pow!

I really need to learn to post earlier in the day! I am so exhausted I can't think of anything interesting to say! So apologies in advance for the waffling!

I saw Carli's swatch of Wham! Pow! the other day and developed a crazy lemming for it, only to realise I already had it in my Helmer!

So I put it on today and was blown away by how unbelievably bright this polish is! I'm quite tanned at the moment so I loved the way this polish looked with my skin colour! (Sydney just had its longest heat wave in 150 years of weather recording with temperatures over 103-106F every day for the past week!)

I only had to use two coats to get it nice and even (no white base underneath!) Like most other neons it dried to a semi matte finish so I used a coat of Poshe to make it nice and shiny.

First two photos are indoors with flash, last photo is in natural light, no flash.


  1. You have such gorgeous nails. LOVE!

  2. This does look great with your tan skin, Carina!

  3. I think this color looks great on me. But I feel like If I tried to rock this color I would look like I have cheeto nails :/

  4. Such a pretty orange! :) I can't wait to get the Color Club Poptastic Collection!!

  5. @ L - Thanks babe! I have been working really hard on getting them long and healthy!

    @ jbrobeck - Thanks hun!

    @ Rachel Marie - Cheeto nails eh? Never thought of it that way! I love Cheetos! haha!

    @ Natalie - You should check out Konadlicious' Giveaway! She is giving away the whole Poptastic collection!


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