Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zoya - Crystal

No chatter tonight! Super tired.... 

Zoya Crystal is from their recent Flame collection. Zoya describe it as "a light, silvered shiny blue metallic foil with sparks of brilliant yellow gold".. I really can't do better than that :P

It's not my cup of tea, but the polish itself is gorgeous! Zoya have been pumping out some fantastic colours in their recent collections! Keep up the good work Zoya! :P 

Edit: Forgot to mention what application was like! In all honesty, it was fab! I used three thin coats. It looks streaky on my pointer in the photo for some reason, but I promise that was just the photo. It was really smooth and even on my nails. x


  1. :) Zoya has some of the best colors. How was the application of this blue though?

    I always find those kinds of blues to be streaky :(

  2. It is really a beautiful and uncommun combination of colours. What did you think of the formula?

  3. Very pretty! Not a color I would pick up, but I still think it is nice.

  4. absolutely gorgeous. so going on my wish list

  5. Yeah, so I'm pretty much browsing through ebay for this colour right now! I loooove blues and greens and this looks like it might be fantastic for winter. :)

  6. @ Rachel Marie @ Akuma Kanji - Application was surprisingly good! I had to use three thin coats, but it didnt streak at all...

  7. wow.. love the color .. esp the glitters :D
    - its good to hear the application is nice since i hate it when its too sheer or leaves streaks easily :(
    thanks for sharing :D


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