Saturday, November 27, 2010

NARS Pokerface


Hey everyone! I'm finally back to blogging after a very hectic couple of weeks! My sister's wedding was last Sunday and it was beautiful! I can't believe my little sister is a married woman now! She looked absolutely stunning, and despite some mega bridezilla moments on her behalf, the day went really smoothly! I don't have any photos yet, but as soon as I do, I'll put a couple up.... :)

I was so busy with wedding preparations and then spending time with family after the wedding that I barely changed my nail polish. I wore OPI's Dulce de Leche with a coat of Coney Island Cotton Candy for the wedding and kept that on until yesterday! The horror! :P

Today, however, I am wearing Pokerface which is one of the colours released with NARS' Holiday 2010 collection.

Pokerface is a medium lilac with silvery lilac shimmer. Application was a little difficult. I found it to be on the thicker side and so it went on a little gluggy, but a second coat and then one coat of Poshe seemed to smooth it out fairly well.

Pokerface isn't particularly unique, but the shimmer gives it a little special something. It's a really feminine lilac and I personally love the way it looks on me.

In other news, my Rescue Beauty Lounge Giveaway has now closed. I will be drawing the winner for that as well as my Lippmann Giveaway tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who entered! x


  1. This looks really nice on you!

  2. Welcome back! :)
    Gorgeous color, I'm a huge fan of lilacs.. especially with the subtle shimmer, very nice.

  3. hmmm i wasn't sure if i would like this, but it seriously looks yummy in your photos! harrumph now i want it! :P

  4. I almost pulled this out yesterday to swatch, now I am ready to put it on. It is so pretty!

  5. Welcome back and congrats on your sister! This color looks so delicious!

  6. Very pretty! I don't have the skin tone to pull it off, but it looks great on you!

  7. I am in love with this shade!

  8. Welcome back =). This shade looks stunning on you =)

  9. This color looks great on you :)

  10. welcome back :D:D did miss your posts

    damn i really love this shade ... had a similar shade by revlon once long long time ago but cant pull it off :( *sniff*
    but it looks soo HOT on you :D
    .. you are making me want to change my current nails to this... right now... hehe .. :)

  11. Love this! Now I have to get one :)


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