Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nubar Charmeuse

Hey everyone! I hate to do this, but this is going to be another quick post. 

Today I'm wearing Charmeuse from Nubar's recent Finest Silks collection.  Charmeuse is a pink creme that leans brown. I used two coats here. This colour is a bit old fashioned I guess, but I love it! I don't own a lot of Nubar polishes, but all of the ones I have tried have applied like a dream and Charmeuse is no exception.

Natural Light

Natural Light

Indoors with flash

Do you love it or loathe it?


  1. I love this polish! It's been on my wish list ever since I saw the first swatches of it, it's sooo beautiful <3

  2. @Sharon - I know you are on a no-buy, but when you decide to buy again you should definitely invest in this one!

    @you nailed it! - it's totally gorgeous!

    @kelliegonzo - your swatches are part of the reason I got this polish, so thanks! :D


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