Saturday, December 11, 2010

China Glaze Moody Blue

Two posts in two days! I'm on fire!

Today I am wearing Moody Blue, which is another HTF colour from China Glaze.

Moody Blue is a big hot streaky mess! But it looks worse in the photos than it does on my nails. 

It took three coats to get it to a stage where I was willing to wear it out in public :P However, I did get some compliments on the colour from people when I was out (and even one from my sister, who thinks every nail polish I wear is disgusting!) so it mustn't be that bad!

I have read that the the new Chanel colour, Riva, is basically the same colour but with a very subtle micro shimmer. I wonder whether it applies better than MB? If it does, I may be tempted to buy it :P


  1. You may need to apply it over another opaque shade... :/

  2. This color reminds me of Hard Candy Sky.
    :) Very pretty.

  3. Oh this is so pretty. I heard that it may apply better so I'd keep my money. Your nails are lovely!

  4. Well, this is very very similar to Riva and apparently Riva does apply better... I'm just not sure if that is a good enough reason to buy it since you have a very good dupe. I think all you have to do is work with that one a bit more :P 'cause the shimmer in Riva is for very good eyes only too.

  5. This color is very pretty and I'm sure even though it is a PITA to apply, its is worth saving the $27 for the Chanel) on something else :)


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