Tuesday, December 21, 2010


And the naughty blogger award goes to......... ME!

This time thankfully I haven't been away from my blogging duties due to bad stuff! I was actually devoting all my time to wedding dress shopping! And I found one! Yay! I purchased my dress on Sunday and I am over the moon. I wish I could put a photo up to show you all but my fiancee checks out my blog sometimes (not that he would admit it!) so I don't want to risk him seeing it!

Since Christmas is almost upon us, I decided to rock a green nail polish the other day to get into the spirit of the season. For this I went with NARS Mash.

Mash is a mossy green with a gold shimmer. This polish is a gorgeous colour but it is also a total PITA to apply. Despite my best efforts I got nasty brush strokes! With that said it wore really well and after about 4 days I only had minimal tip wear. 

As you can see, I only have one photo. My camera is on its last legs! But hopefully Santa is of the opinion that I have been a good girl this year and a pretty Canon DSLR will be waiting under the tree for me on Christmas morning (hint hint Micheal or Mum and Dad! :P). Fingers crossed! x


  1. congrats on finding your dress! and mash looks wonderful on you!

  2. Thanks jbrobeck!

    I did like the colour a lot more on my nails than I do in the pics.... I think I will have to do another swatch of this one when I get my new camera.

  3. it looks gorgeous :D
    i have a similar shade in China Glaze and i love it .. maybe i will pull it out and paint my nails now lol ^_^
    and next time, im out shopping i will definitely have a look out for this hehe ^_^

  4. ^^@ brownsmoke - is that the China Glaze Peace on Earth?? I will have to do a comparison of those two at some point :D


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