Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Orly - Space Cadet

So this post is super late :( And I only have one of the colours! I have been really, really slack this past weekend because I was super busy. My sister's bridal shower was on Saturday afternoon, and Sunday I spent most of the day catching up on study. This coming weekend I'll have plentyyyyyy of time to swatch! :)

Any-hoo! This is Orly Space Cadet! This is an amazing duochrome that flashes green, mauve, pink, purple, yellow, and copper.... When you put the first coat on the actual base appears to be a dark blue/green colour, but it builds up to this really dark purple with all those amazing flashes! 


  1. Amazing! Did you order this from transdesign?

  2. @ Fred - Yep I did, but I'm not sure if they are shipping Orly outside of the USA anymore. I have seen it on Ebay for a pretty reasonable price, so maybe search for it there?? x


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