Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nfu Oh Spam

Finally managed to get some swatches of the Nfu Oh polishes I was sent the other day. Let me just start by saying that after applying the first one, I quickly realised that the colours I had been sent are all SUPER SHEER.... Which equals craptastic swatches! :P I apologise in advance for any psychological distress caused by seeing my horrible stained nails in these pics!

That's not to say that these polishes arent gorgeous, they are just too sheer to wear on their own. All of them would make fantastic glitter-esque top coats. All the pics below are 4 painstaking coats!!!

#82 - Sheer raspberry with gold and pink glitter - This is a gorgeous colour in the bottle, but on its own, it is just caca... This definitely needs to be layered over a creme.

#26 - White with green and pink flashes - Sadly the green doesn't show up on the nail though.


#89 - Blue/green with teal glitter. This one is has a purple flash in the bottle but it doesn't translate to the nail. It's also has a subtle frost, so there were some visible brush marks (like on my pinky).

#85 - Sheer blue jelly with silver glitter - I had very low expectations with this one, and I was right! :P It is ridiculously sheer! I am going to put this over OPI Dating a Royal to see if I like it better that way, because I hated it on its own :(


#32 - Sheer baby pink with purple glitter. I really love the glitter in this one! Just wish the glitter was bigger! Like the others, it would need to be layered over a creme. I'm thinking China Glaze's Sugar High or Something Sweet....

#95 - Sea green with purple flashes. Once again the purple doesn't translate to the nail. It has a lot of frostiness, so there was major brush stroke issues! This colour was the most opaque out of the six.

Overall, I really only like two or three out of the six! I had heard that some Nfu Oh's were sheer, but I didn't think they would be as sheer as these ones turned out to be! I'm a little disappointed, but considering they were sent for free, I'm going to try and make them work.... :)


  1. Ohh I really like 32 & 89 =)

    And the swatches were fine ;) Kind of unfortunate to see it sheer though =O

    Try putting a white base down on the nails to see if the colors/glitter/sparkle will show through :) if not, it will definitely make them less sheer and make them look like actual normal nail polish haha =p

    Thank you for the swatches!

  2. I really liked the 82 and 85, they would look great layered over other polishes, even if they were of different base colors *___* The 85 one would look good over a purple one, don't you think? :)

    Thanks for the swatches! ^__^

  3. @ Silly Lilacs - I will definitely try the idea of a white base! Thanks for the idea :D

    @ Karina - Good idea to layer 85 over a purple. I'm going to try that over the weekend and put swatches up if it turns out ok... :p

  4. wahh what a nice collection u have :)
    i like white with green :D


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